Monday, June 10, 2013

Chapter 3 Meet the Kids

Alex locked the door to her little apartment in Arlington. Her cousin would go in and water the plants and pay her bills while she was gone. Being that he WAS her landlord, well it really made the transition from North Carolina to Virgina easier. Making sure she had her laptop and her suitcase in the backseat, she had loaded the trunk to the gills with her boxes. Not knowing how long she would be there, it just made sense. She backed the car out of the drive, she started to get a little apprehensive. Mrs. B. had told her that she would meet her at the old house on the river, where as this would be better for the kids because it felt more like home.

She pulled out onto Interstate 95, knowing it would not be as busy on it was Saturday and popped a CD into the radio. She thought her friends would never believe her if she told them she was going to be taking care of Jon Bon Jovi's children.

Several hours later she pulled up the gated drive, pulling out the slip of paper she had written the pass code on. She punched in the number and the gate opened. Driving her old Kia up to the front door she almost pinched herself. she had driven past this house so many times. Back when she was in the fan club, if you can to Jersey you had to do the pilgrimage by the house. now she was going to be living in the house while she took care of the poor children. Getting out and walking to the door she started to knock, when it opened suddenly and a smartly dressed woman stood there welcoming her in.

"You must be Ms. Jones?" The woman held the door open wider to let her in. "I'm Hattie, Mr. Jon's housekeeper."

Alex walked into the foyer and tried not to let her jaw drop to the floor. My God it is huge, she thought Turing not to look like a hillbilly on her first trip to the big city.

"Please call me Alex." she turned and looked more clearly at the woman who answered the door. She was older than herself, with slightly graying hair at the temples. But she could tell by the look in her eye she seemed to like that she saw.

"Mrs Bon Jovi and Mr. Jon's lawyer are in the living room." she followed Hattie through the hallway into a huge living room. The room was done in early French Provincial and was so immaculate you could tell the children weren't allowed in this room.

"Alex dear," Mrs. B. rose from the blue sofa and held out her arms. Alexis remembered the first time she had done that to her, it was her first fan club trip at Giants.

"Mom" Alex greeted her warmly.

The lawyer looked shocked. Mrs. B chuckled. "They all used to call me Mom in the chat room." Alex shook the lawyer's hand, sitting they began the paperwork for Alex to begin taking care of the Bon Jovi Children.

A slight squeak of a door caught Alex's attention, but she never took her eyes off the paper she was signing. Taking the pen back to the lawyer, she thought she saw someone looking at her.

If Mrs. B. hadn't started talking to her, she could have gotten a better look at the watchers. "I talked to Jon this morning and told him everything was being taken care of."

She finished signing the last form, as Mrs B. Continued to speaking.

"I told him I had great confidence that you could handle things until he finished the tour." With that being said the door banged shut.

"That must be the children. I had Stephanie take her brothers out in the back to play." She got up and walked to the door. when she opened the door in walked the four Bon Jovi children.

"Alex, these are my grandchildren." she said like the proud grandmother she was.

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  1. Mrs. B, sounds like a great lady who loves her family deeply.