Sunday, June 9, 2013

chapter 2

Somewhere North of London, in a hotel room , a well-built red head was pulling up her jeans. Hearing a noise behind her she turned. My God she thought, if he isn't the sexiest man. I don't know if I'll be able to do this.

Walking over to the bed she leaned down as their lips met she could feel his tongue sliding over her teeth.

"Mmmm," she moaned, "Morning darling," she said as the broke apart.

"What time is it?" Jon asked as he rolled over to look at the clock. "the sun isn't even up yet."

he sat up in bed watching her pull on her shirt, "I thought we could have breakfast," he said reaching for a cigarette.

"Please don't" she walked over and took it out of his mouth, "I have to be a work soon and I can't go in smelling like Cigarettes and sex."

She turned her back on the man in he bed and walked over to the dresser. Reaching into her handbag that sat on top she pulled out a long envelope. Turning back she plastered on a sexy smile and walked back over to the bed handbag in one hand and envelope in the other. Handing him the envelope she leaned back over and kissed him again. Straightening up she turned and headed to the door. When she turned back he was looking at the name on the envelope.

"Darling....You have been served!" She said as she turned and walked out the door.


Richie had just walked out of his room door. He loved this hotel and was glad the band stayed here. This meant they had the whole floor. He was shocked to see the red head coming out of Jon's room. Not bad Kidd he thought as he watched her close the door, turn and head to the elevator nice ass.

She had just gotten to the elevator and pushed the button, she turned and saw Richie watching her. She licked her lips and winked at him. Hearing the elevator ding and the door open she turned and got on. She had just turned back around when from Jon's room you could hear cursing. "My cue to leave" she said as the doors closed.

Richie was like WTF and turned, throwing open Jon's room door he walked in to find Jon pacing and turning the air in the room blue. Somewhere in the time the red head had left the room and reading the letter he had pulled on his jeans. Richie noticed the letter clutched in his hand.

"That Bitch" Jon spat as he turned finally noticing Richie was in the room.

Richie noticing the bed looked like Jon and the red head had done quiet a lot of love wrestling.

"Are you talking about the sexy red head?" Richie asked a little confused.

Jon walked over and sat on the end of the bed. Looking up at Richie he gave him a sad laugh.

"No, not that one. Of course after the way she did her business, she comes a close second."

He thrust the envelope at Richie .

"Here read this." he said as Richie took the envelope Jon lowered his head into his hands.

Richie took the envelope, a sick feeling washed over him like deja vu, he had seen one of these before.

"Oh man." was all he could say.
taking out the legal document he began to read. Holy Fuck he thought I can't believe this shit.

"Kidd this says your divorced." he handed Jon back the paper. "I didn't even know you were separated."

Jon threw the paper on the floor. "Neither did I man, neither did I. Granted we haven't slept together in a long time, but I didn't know she could file and boom! All those years of marriage are over with."

Jon jumped up and rushed to the night stand and flipped open his cell phone.

Picking up the letter, Richie read it again. "Jon it says here that she filed at the beginning of tour. That was 12 months ago!"

Jon was punching numbers into his cell. "Fuck" he slammed it shut. "She changed the number!" Flipping the cell back open he punched more numbers into the phone. Going back to the night stand he picked up his cigarette's and lit one. "It's got to ring." he almost begged.

"Who are you calling now?" Richie asked looking at his watch.

"My Mom." Jon said waiting on the phone to connect and ring.

"Hell Jon, you can't call her now it's 4 am!" he said but then again he remembered his mom was the first person he called when he received his divorce papers. But he had been in LA and she had been in New Jersey, only three hours later than he was.

"Fuck! It's busy!" Jon slammed the cell shut again. "Who the hell is she talking to at 4 am?"

Richie watched as he began to pace again tapping his finger on his closed cell phone. Something he noticed he did when he was thinking.

"Why are you calling Momma B?" he asked as Jon stopped tapping and flipped open the cell again.

"I want to know who has my kids!" Jon Yelled.

Richie picked the paper off the floor where Jon had thrown then and re read them. "Jon it says here that your parents have the kids until we finish tour." got up and walked over to where Jon was waiting for the call to go through.

Slamming the phone shut again he yelled, "Fuck the tour!" He flipped the phone back open ... What the hell was international calling for he thought if you can't get the damn party on the phone when you need them!

"Oh no, little bro," Richie watched him slam the cell closed for the fifth time. "No way, "Fuck the Tour", we signed a contract!"

Jon tried the number one more time. "That was before I got served with divorce papers."

Richie hear the phone ringing. "I remember saying the same thing and YOU told me a contract was a contract."

Richie heard Momma B answer the phone.

"Momma, what am I going to do?"Jon's voice was harsh with the pain of the last half hour and the panic that was quickly filling him.

Richie knew that was his clue to leave Jon alone with his problems.

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  1. What a way to be served divorce papers!
    How could Jon not know that he and Dorothea were separated?