Friday, June 21, 2013

Chapter 5 Settling In

Alex and the boys started lugging on one box after the other. Stephanie sat on the stairs watching the procession of boxes. finally one suitcase came in the door before it was closed and locked.

Alex looked at all the boxes her little kia had held. "I didn't know what to bring." She told Mrs. B. , "So I brought what I could pack in my car." Jon's mother laughed.

"Stephanie will show you where to unpack." She held out her arms for a hug from the boys and then transferred romeo to Alex. "Go to Alexis Honey, grandmother has to get home to grandpa." Romeo looked like he was about to cry.

"I'll take him." Stephanie came up and Romeo went immediately to her. Like the whirlwind she was, Mrs. B. left the five of them in the foyer.

Hattie came in and saw them all standing there. "Well Miss Alex, I guess we need to get all this upstairs." As she walked past each door she told Alex which child belonged to which room, and which one was Mr. Jon's room. Opening the last door she walked into her room.

"Most governesses stayed in the quarters out near the street, but seeing as how you're all these poor children have now, I think this room suites." Alex looked around; there was plenty of room for all her stuff and then some.

Once the boys started bring in the boxes, Alex put her suitcase on the bed. they had just about every thing up when Hattie came in to tell them lunch was ready. Alex turned to find the boys going through the box of games and Stephanie was just walking around the room looking at all the books she had.

"Miss Jones?" Jake asked

"I got an idea guy's, I never liked to be called Miss Jones, the makes me feel really old. Why not just call me Miss Alex." She said Trying to make friends with the children. "You think about it and lets got eat. We can pay one of those games later, unless you all have homework"

The boys gave her a funny look but put the games back in the box. "It's Saturday miss Alex, we have until tomorrow to finish," Jessie said as they walked out of the room.

Alex laughed and followed the kids downstairs into the formal dinning room. "This is a little formal isn't it for lunch with the kids?" she asked Hattie. Alex noticed Romeo's chin barely passed the table. Going into the kitchen she looked around. Finding a booster seat she started back in, until she saw the stack of phone books. Going back in she squatted down beside Romeo's chair. "Booster or big boy seat?" she asked Romeo.

"Me want big boy seat Miz Alwix" Romeo said shyly.

Alex helped him out of the chair and put first one phone book in the chair, checking the height as they slowly raised him up so he could sit at the table. Three down, one to go she thought.

"Saturday and Sunday we eat in the dinning room." Stephanie said as she put her napkin in her lap. Alex sat near Romeo and helped him with his napkin. As the plates were set in front of each child she noticed that they all waited and watched her to see what she was going to do.

She looked at Stephanie. "do you all bless he food?" She wasn't sure, knowing they were raised Catholic, she felt a little out on a limb.

Jessie looked at Stephanie as if waiting for her to tell Miss Alex. he took a deep breath and said.."Mom used to say it when she ate with us." The sound of his small voice nearly broke her heart.

"Well, where I come from...." she reached out and took one of Romeo's and one of Jessie's hands..."We hold hands to say our blessing." Jake took Rome's other hand then he reached out to Stephanie. Stephanie sighed and took his hand and Jessie's. Alex bowed her head and said a quick prayer. Looking up when she finished she smiled. "This all looks so good" and everyone began to eat.

Alex looked over at Romeo, whose chin seemed to be getting closer and closer to the table. She started to pick him up, but Stephanie rushed over, knocking her chair over in her haste, and took her brother in her arms.

"I have him." She cleaned up his shirt and took him out of the room. Alex thought that if Stephanie could growl she would be like a mother bear protecting her cub. Hattie came in to clear the plates and she noticed Alex looking sad.

"She'll come around soon." Alex looked into Hattie's eyes and smiled. "I hope so, or this is going to be a rough month or two."

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Chapter 4

Like a proud grandmother she introduced each child. When she came to the youngest, Romeo, he hide behind Mrs. B.'s skirt. When he was pushed forward to meet Alex, she noticed his lip tremble.

"Hello Romeo. What a handsome young man you are. " Alex smiled at him. Romeo smiled a little but went back being sad, clutching his grandmothers leg. Stephanie didn't seem to like that Alex was going to take care of them, and Alex knew that this was not going to be as easy as she had thought.

Mrs. B. looked back to the lawyer and they began to walk out of the room, Romeo was still clutching her skirt. Alex looked at the remaining children. Stephanie had her father's features but you could see her mother in her stance. Jessie was more into his Game Boy than his new sitter. Jake was looking at a book he had picked up off the coffee table. Well, this isn't going to be easy, she thought.

"HI. I know you really didn't want a new person in your life right now, but let's see if we can make it work." She gave them her best new job voice. The kid's just gave her a funny look. Mrs. B. chose that time to come back into the room.

"Alex dear, why not get Stephanie to help you unload your car." To this Stephanie gave her Grandmother a pained look. Alex could hear the wheels turning in her mind; she wasn't going to help anyone move anything into her parent house.

"It's okay I only brought a few things; I didn't know how long I was going to stay." Alex thought she heard a small voice saying....'not long at all!'

"I only brought a suitcase and my Wii.: That seemed to get Jessie and Jake's attention.

"Wii? We have one of those." Jake said and Alex smiled.

"You might, but I have high score on all my games, so I'm not sure I want to go back to being low man." Alex smiled and started to the door with Jake and Jessie following, asking her what games she had.

Mrs. B. watched them leave and turned to Stephanie sitting on the sofa. She went over and sat beside her sad faced granddaughter.

"I know this isn't how you thought life would be, but give her a chance." She said laying her hand on her shoulder.

Looking down at her folded hands Stephanie shrugged, "I don't need a baby sitter." she looked up at her grandmother with a determined look in her eyes, "The boys do, but I know when Mom gets settled she'll send for us."

Mrs. B pulled her in her arms. "Honey, I don't know what she's going to do. That's between your mom and your dad. Try and make Alex feel at home....," she heard Stephanie take a deep breath, "... even if it's for a short time. She only brought one suitcase." That brought a small smile to Stephanie's face.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Chapter 3 Meet the Kids

Alex locked the door to her little apartment in Arlington. Her cousin would go in and water the plants and pay her bills while she was gone. Being that he WAS her landlord, well it really made the transition from North Carolina to Virgina easier. Making sure she had her laptop and her suitcase in the backseat, she had loaded the trunk to the gills with her boxes. Not knowing how long she would be there, it just made sense. She backed the car out of the drive, she started to get a little apprehensive. Mrs. B. had told her that she would meet her at the old house on the river, where as this would be better for the kids because it felt more like home.

She pulled out onto Interstate 95, knowing it would not be as busy on it was Saturday and popped a CD into the radio. She thought her friends would never believe her if she told them she was going to be taking care of Jon Bon Jovi's children.

Several hours later she pulled up the gated drive, pulling out the slip of paper she had written the pass code on. She punched in the number and the gate opened. Driving her old Kia up to the front door she almost pinched herself. she had driven past this house so many times. Back when she was in the fan club, if you can to Jersey you had to do the pilgrimage by the house. now she was going to be living in the house while she took care of the poor children. Getting out and walking to the door she started to knock, when it opened suddenly and a smartly dressed woman stood there welcoming her in.

"You must be Ms. Jones?" The woman held the door open wider to let her in. "I'm Hattie, Mr. Jon's housekeeper."

Alex walked into the foyer and tried not to let her jaw drop to the floor. My God it is huge, she thought Turing not to look like a hillbilly on her first trip to the big city.

"Please call me Alex." she turned and looked more clearly at the woman who answered the door. She was older than herself, with slightly graying hair at the temples. But she could tell by the look in her eye she seemed to like that she saw.

"Mrs Bon Jovi and Mr. Jon's lawyer are in the living room." she followed Hattie through the hallway into a huge living room. The room was done in early French Provincial and was so immaculate you could tell the children weren't allowed in this room.

"Alex dear," Mrs. B. rose from the blue sofa and held out her arms. Alexis remembered the first time she had done that to her, it was her first fan club trip at Giants.

"Mom" Alex greeted her warmly.

The lawyer looked shocked. Mrs. B chuckled. "They all used to call me Mom in the chat room." Alex shook the lawyer's hand, sitting they began the paperwork for Alex to begin taking care of the Bon Jovi Children.

A slight squeak of a door caught Alex's attention, but she never took her eyes off the paper she was signing. Taking the pen back to the lawyer, she thought she saw someone looking at her.

If Mrs. B. hadn't started talking to her, she could have gotten a better look at the watchers. "I talked to Jon this morning and told him everything was being taken care of."

She finished signing the last form, as Mrs B. Continued to speaking.

"I told him I had great confidence that you could handle things until he finished the tour." With that being said the door banged shut.

"That must be the children. I had Stephanie take her brothers out in the back to play." She got up and walked to the door. when she opened the door in walked the four Bon Jovi children.

"Alex, these are my grandchildren." she said like the proud grandmother she was.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

chapter 2

Somewhere North of London, in a hotel room , a well-built red head was pulling up her jeans. Hearing a noise behind her she turned. My God she thought, if he isn't the sexiest man. I don't know if I'll be able to do this.

Walking over to the bed she leaned down as their lips met she could feel his tongue sliding over her teeth.

"Mmmm," she moaned, "Morning darling," she said as the broke apart.

"What time is it?" Jon asked as he rolled over to look at the clock. "the sun isn't even up yet."

he sat up in bed watching her pull on her shirt, "I thought we could have breakfast," he said reaching for a cigarette.

"Please don't" she walked over and took it out of his mouth, "I have to be a work soon and I can't go in smelling like Cigarettes and sex."

She turned her back on the man in he bed and walked over to the dresser. Reaching into her handbag that sat on top she pulled out a long envelope. Turning back she plastered on a sexy smile and walked back over to the bed handbag in one hand and envelope in the other. Handing him the envelope she leaned back over and kissed him again. Straightening up she turned and headed to the door. When she turned back he was looking at the name on the envelope.

"Darling....You have been served!" She said as she turned and walked out the door.


Richie had just walked out of his room door. He loved this hotel and was glad the band stayed here. This meant they had the whole floor. He was shocked to see the red head coming out of Jon's room. Not bad Kidd he thought as he watched her close the door, turn and head to the elevator nice ass.

She had just gotten to the elevator and pushed the button, she turned and saw Richie watching her. She licked her lips and winked at him. Hearing the elevator ding and the door open she turned and got on. She had just turned back around when from Jon's room you could hear cursing. "My cue to leave" she said as the doors closed.

Richie was like WTF and turned, throwing open Jon's room door he walked in to find Jon pacing and turning the air in the room blue. Somewhere in the time the red head had left the room and reading the letter he had pulled on his jeans. Richie noticed the letter clutched in his hand.

"That Bitch" Jon spat as he turned finally noticing Richie was in the room.

Richie noticing the bed looked like Jon and the red head had done quiet a lot of love wrestling.

"Are you talking about the sexy red head?" Richie asked a little confused.

Jon walked over and sat on the end of the bed. Looking up at Richie he gave him a sad laugh.

"No, not that one. Of course after the way she did her business, she comes a close second."

He thrust the envelope at Richie .

"Here read this." he said as Richie took the envelope Jon lowered his head into his hands.

Richie took the envelope, a sick feeling washed over him like deja vu, he had seen one of these before.

"Oh man." was all he could say.
taking out the legal document he began to read. Holy Fuck he thought I can't believe this shit.

"Kidd this says your divorced." he handed Jon back the paper. "I didn't even know you were separated."

Jon threw the paper on the floor. "Neither did I man, neither did I. Granted we haven't slept together in a long time, but I didn't know she could file and boom! All those years of marriage are over with."

Jon jumped up and rushed to the night stand and flipped open his cell phone.

Picking up the letter, Richie read it again. "Jon it says here that she filed at the beginning of tour. That was 12 months ago!"

Jon was punching numbers into his cell. "Fuck" he slammed it shut. "She changed the number!" Flipping the cell back open he punched more numbers into the phone. Going back to the night stand he picked up his cigarette's and lit one. "It's got to ring." he almost begged.

"Who are you calling now?" Richie asked looking at his watch.

"My Mom." Jon said waiting on the phone to connect and ring.

"Hell Jon, you can't call her now it's 4 am!" he said but then again he remembered his mom was the first person he called when he received his divorce papers. But he had been in LA and she had been in New Jersey, only three hours later than he was.

"Fuck! It's busy!" Jon slammed the cell shut again. "Who the hell is she talking to at 4 am?"

Richie watched as he began to pace again tapping his finger on his closed cell phone. Something he noticed he did when he was thinking.

"Why are you calling Momma B?" he asked as Jon stopped tapping and flipped open the cell again.

"I want to know who has my kids!" Jon Yelled.

Richie picked the paper off the floor where Jon had thrown then and re read them. "Jon it says here that your parents have the kids until we finish tour." got up and walked over to where Jon was waiting for the call to go through.

Slamming the phone shut again he yelled, "Fuck the tour!" He flipped the phone back open ... What the hell was international calling for he thought if you can't get the damn party on the phone when you need them!

"Oh no, little bro," Richie watched him slam the cell closed for the fifth time. "No way, "Fuck the Tour", we signed a contract!"

Jon tried the number one more time. "That was before I got served with divorce papers."

Richie hear the phone ringing. "I remember saying the same thing and YOU told me a contract was a contract."

Richie heard Momma B answer the phone.

"Momma, what am I going to do?"Jon's voice was harsh with the pain of the last half hour and the panic that was quickly filling him.

Richie knew that was his clue to leave Jon alone with his problems.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Chaper 1

Somewhere south of Jersey, a telephone was ringing. Alex tossed and turned, trying to shut out the constant ringing. Rolling over to look at the clock, she grabbed for the phone.

"Someone better be very sick or dying to call me at 3 am in the morning." Alexis grumbled into the receiver.

"Alexandra dear," she heard a voice over the receiver. Somewhere in the back of her mind she remembered that voice.

"It's Carol Dear." the voice said

Alex nearly dropped the phone. What was Mrs. Bon Jovi doing calling her at 3 am in the morning?

"I guess you're wondering why I'm calling you at this hour, She said.

Alex turned on the beside lamp and waited for Mrs. B., as the members of the fan club called her, to explain.

"I just got off the phone with Anita." Alex knew that Mrs. B. and Anita were old friends. "It seems that your name came up." Alex continued to listen. "We were talking about the fact that I, Well, We need you."

Alex was mildly shocked. They have been talking about her and they need her?

"I know it's early and my mind is still asleep, but what can I do to help you, Mrs. B.?"

Alex was more confused the more she thought about the request. Mrs. B. seemed to collect her thoughts.

"Well dear, Anita told me you used to work with kids."

"Yes, I did years ago," Alex replied, "I worked in a day care center." Well, Alex thought , it isn't for the fan club, Matt was handling that now.
"It will hit the news," Mrs B. said, " so I guess if you are going to help me you need to know the reason."

Alex had gotten out of bed and headed into the kitchen. In the past when Mrs. B had called her, they had been on the phone for over an hour. She reached into the fridge and got out a car of Dr Pepper. Leaning back on the counter, after closing the fridge, she popped the top and took a long swallow.

Mrs B cleared her throat and said in a tired voice.

"Dorothea had filed for divorce at the beginning of tour and she just brought the kids over to Mr. B. and Myself."

The can of Dr Pepper landed on the floor spewing cold cola all over the floor. Alex began to choke on the swallow she had just taken.