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Chapter 21

They both turned as the door slowly opened and Romeo’s head came into view “You sleep daddy?” he whispered.

Both men closed their eyes. The head retreated behind the door but they both heard him whisper, “They sleep Miz Alex”

Alex said a little prayer that they both went along with the plan. Then she remembered the shocked look on their face when she forced Richie back into the bed. Oh shit she thought turning to Hattie, who held the other tray, they forgot to tell them! Too late now thought as she rolled her eyes.

“Go on Meo.” She whispered a little loud to let the two men know they were out there Romeo pushed the door open wider and the four kids went in yelling

“Happy Father’s Day Daddy and Uncle Mookie.” They all piled up in the bed. Jessie had the paper, which was still badly wrinkled where Hattie had rolled it up to swat Jon. Jake carried the cards they had made; Stephanie held the packages and Meo just plopped down on Jon’s lap. Alexis knew he was uncomfortable from the oomph he moaned. Richie just shook his head and laughed.

Alex sat the tray down and moved Meo off Jon’s lap. Smiling down she whispered “Sorry” Picking up the tray she laid it on his lap. Hattie put her tray on Richie’s lap.
“Were you prized daddy?” Meo asked hopping up and down.

“We knew you weren’t going to be home so we decided to have Father’s day today.” Stephanie explained. Alex and Hattie slowly left the room, leaving the kids alone with the guy’s.

As they walked downstairs they started to laugh. Heading into the kitchen they surveyed the damage.

“You should have seen Mr. Jon’s face when I opened the front door.” Hattie laughed as she began to clean up the mess on the counter by the stove. “I had to push him to the stairs.”

Alex laughed and grabbed the wet rag to wipe down the island counter. “I think Mr. Sambora thinks we are crazy.” She stopped short and looked over at Hattie “Oh my God I forced him to take off his shirt and get back into bed!” She laid her head down on the counter “I threw Jon Bon Jovi out of his own house” she banged her head on the counter but Hattie just laughed. Things were never dull at Chez Highpoint.

Back up in the master bedroom the kids were telling their Father and Uncle Mookie about how it had been Miss Alex’s idea that they make breakfast and serve them in bed. Richie looked over to Jon and mouthed You lucky shit. They both picked up their coffee cup and toasted each other.

“I made the coffee Daddy, just like you like it.” Stephanie said with a smiled.

Richie took a sip and tried not to make a face Damn that is like tar he shuddered but swallowed it anyway, grounds and all. Jon took a sip and smiled Ah just the way I love it strong and what was that crunchy stuff? Coffee Grounds? He shuddered but drank the whole cup.

“We tried to get Ava to come Uncle Mookie but Aunt Heather said she couldn’t come.” Jessie said as he watched them eat the eggs. “Miss Alex didn’t help us cook.” He said proudly. “I cooked he bacon and Jake scrambled the eggs” he patted his younger brother on the back. The eggs were soft along with the bacon. Romeo stood at the end of the bed and smiled brightly

“Meo made the towst” he said as he watched them each pick up a piece of perfectly browned toast on one said and burnt on the other. Richie looked over at Jon and chuckled

“Like Father like Son.” He took a bite of toast and washed it down with watered down Orange Juice. Concentrate thank God, not fresh he downed the glass.

Hattie peeked into the room and caught Jon’s eye Finished? She mouthed and when he nodded she and Alex walked back into the room to take the tray’s. Alex couldn’t look them in the eye. What must they think of her now?

“Open your gift Daddy.” Stephanie put the package down in his lap once the tray was gone. “We all chipped in and got it for you.” She smiled at her brothers.

Jon opened the box and looked in at the picture frame. It was one of those digital picture frames. He took it out and turned it on. The picture slowly appeared. They were of the kids. Jake and Jessie at baseball practice. Stephanie at one of her Fashion shows. Romeo doing what he did best looking cute.

“It’s so you won’t be lonely while you’re gone.” Stephanie said with a tear in her eye.

Jon couldn’t say anything. Here was a man who made a living writing hit songs and he couldn’t say anything. He just looked at the pictures and at his kids sitting around him on the bed.

Richie leaned over and looked at the pictures as they changed. Then ones of Alex and the kids started showing up with the ones of just the kids. He cocked and eyebrow at Stephanie who just smiled at him.

“Oh yeah Uncle Mookie we have a gift for you too.” She handed him a smaller package. “Miss Alex helped us with it. She called Ava and well” she let it trail off as Richie opened his package.

The frame was smaller but the pictures were all of Ava and California. He kept watching the pictures change but there were none of Jon’s kids with Alex. He looked up at Stephanie and gave her a questioning look, but she winked at him. He looked over at Jon who just looked around at his kids. Lucky bastard he thought and he doesn’t expect a thing, he just shook his head.

Alex peeked in and watched them with the gifts.

“Okay kids we need you downstairs for KP” she ushered the kids out and looking back she whispered “Hattie is coming up with a cooked breakfast. And a bottle of Pepto.” She laughed as she got the kids out of ear shot.

Richie looked over and Jon and shook his head “You are one lucky bastard you know that?” He said as he got out of bed and put his gift in his bag. “Great kids and someone who cares about them.” He picked up his cell and called Ava. Then he caught site of the clock and about snapped it shut when he saw that it was only 9 AM. then he remembered it was a three hour difference in the time. He had been on European time for so long he forgot he was calling Ava at 6 AM.

Jon put his frame on the nightstand and went to the bathroom the give him some privacy. Yeah one lucky bastard, He thought as he closed the door.

Chapter 20

“Hattie must have left the pot made last night.” She went to the sink and tossed out the cup and then the pot.

Hattie had looked at her puzzled she turned to her and mouthed Jon. Hattie nodded and went over and turned the coffeemaker off. Alex tried to get her attention catching her eye she mouthed Front door, praying that she understood. Hattie looked at her puzzled.

“Hattie why don’t you go get the morning paper?” She stressed the words to get her point across. Then she saw the paper on the table where Jon had left it. Damn that man these kids have worked so hard on this. She thought. Grabbing the paper she handed it to Hattie behind her back. Praying that the kids didn’t see her maneuver.

“Jake and I will go Miss Alex.” Stephanie volunteered.

“No!” She and Hattie said together. “You have to get the juice and pour the glasses and Jake is on bacon duty.” She said trying to cover their goof.

Hattie headed to the front door. When she opened it she was shocked to see Jon there waiting to be let in. The look on his face was priceless.

“Okay Hattie what’s going on?” Jon said trying to get to the bottom of being thrown out of his own house.

“Mr. Jon, You get up to that bedroom and you and Mr. Richie better be asleep!” Hattie ushered him to the stairs. “These kids have been planning this for a week.” She pushed him a little to get him on the first step. “Now get!” she smacked him with the paper.

Jon mumbled his way back up the stairs. Get home and everything is changed, thrown out of my own house, barefooted no less, And Hattie…My sweet tempered housekeeper smacks me with the paper…this is all a dream…I’ll wake up and everything will be back to normal. When he got into the room he noticed Richie was up and dressed. Nope not a dream..must be a nightmare if it was a dream Sambora would be a sexy brunette with green eyes he thought to himself then he stopped…where did the green eyes come from?

Richie looked up at his best buddy, his soul brother. With a puzzled look on his face he went over and put his hand on his forehead. Nope it was cool, and he did have that crazed look in his eyes. Jon looked up at his with a funny look on his face.

“What?” He asked

“You were talking to your self” Richie said

“I think I’m in another, dimension” he walked past Richie and headed over to the bed. “I burnt my mouth on my coffee.” Sitting down on his side of the bed he got in

“Burning your tongue put you in another, dimienson?” Richie was confused, why was he getting back in bed? “Why are you getting back in bed?”

Jon pulled the covers back up. “Alex threw me out of the house and Hattie hit me with the paper.”

Richie was really confused. Heading to the door Jon stopped him.

“I wouldn’t if I were you!” He said as he flipped the covers back on the side Richie had slept on. “She’ll only make you come back and get in bed.”

Richie shook his head and opened the door anyway. There stood Alexis and she wasn’t happy.

“What are you doing up and dressed?” she pushed her way in shutting the door behind her. “Get that shirt off and get back into bed.” She turned him back toward the bed.

Bossy little thing he thought as he took off his shirt and got into bed beside Jon. All that kept running through his mind was the theme from the Twilight Zone.

“Now stay the both of you.” She went to the door turning around to make sure they were still there she huffed. “Don’t make me send Hattie up here to check on you!” she went out the door making sure she didn’t slam it.

Jon looked at Richie and Richie looked at Jon and they both went..
“Do do do do do, Do do do do do” But they stayed in the bed.

Thirty minutes passed and Richie went to get out of bed and Jon grabbed the covers.

“No way in hell do I want Hattie in here!” he said in a whisper “She hit me with the news paper.” He shook his head.

“I’m not afraid of Hattie” he said and when the doorknob turned he jumped back in the bed.

“Not afraid are you?” Jon questioned. Richie smacked him on the arm “Damn it I am tired of getting smacked this morning!” He ruubed his arm and rolled his eyes.

Chapter 19

Alexis got up early and got the kids up. This was to be Father’s Day for Jon. Seeing as how they would be back in Europe during Father’s Day. The kids had made the menu and she was to supervise. Hattie turned over her kitchen to sit back to watch the excitement. The only problem was when she got into the kitchen to set out the menu and the ingredients she found Jon sitting at the table with a cup of coffee.

“No you can’t be here” she whispered to him, “You’ll ruin the surprise!” She looked back to make sure the kids weren’t behind her. “Go back to bed!”

Jon looked up at the sound of her voice and about burnt his tongue on the coffee he chugged. Sitting down the cup he sloshed coffee onto the counter. Dang he hadn’t heard her come in. There she was in jeans and a t-shirt. He had been thinking of her since he got up.

“Get out of here before they come in! Go round to the front door and then go back to bed!” she grabbed the cup shooed him out the backdoor.

Jon got to the backdoor and turned back to her. Damn I’m like putty in her hands he thought looking back at her.

“Did you…” was all he got out when she slammed the door in his face. Looking down at his bare feet he laughed he had just barely missed getting them caught in the door. Shaking his head he headed around to the front door.

She had just turned around when the kids came in. Trying not to let the kids know that their dad had been in the kitchen, she grabbed the cup she tried to make it look like she had been drinking. Taking a sip she about choked Damn did he have to drink it black….my God it is like tar, she thought trying not to gag.


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Chapter 18

Alex had gotten Meo down and was walking toward Steph's room. When she peeked in she saw Stephanie sitting on the bed, fat tears rolling down her cheeks. Stepping in she crossed the room and sat on the bed beside her.

"Honey, it's okay." She said as she wiped a tear off her cheek. "It's just one date. who knows I might end up liking the guy."

Stephanie shook her head, making a terrible face she tried not to cry harder.

"No Miss Alex, I never should have gone along with it in the first place." Stephanie took hold of Alex's hand. "It was wrong."

"yes it was, but I understand, it was important to Jessie and you wanted to help your brother." She leaned toward Steph and they put their foreheads together. "It I had a little brother I might have done the same thing. So no more tears? Your dad just got home and your off restrictions." She liked that Stephanie had started to smile. "Not go to bed we have loads to do tomorrow." She kissed her on the forehead.

Throwing her arms around Alex, Stephanie smiled.

"I'm gland you are here for us Miss Alex."

Hugging her back Alex sighed, "Me too Stephie, me too."

Getting Stephanie all tucked in she headed down the hall to Jessie's room. Not looking forward to this she peeked in. Jessie was laying on his bed tossing the ball in the air and catching it.

"Ten minutes and lights out Jess." She said. Jessie nearly hit himself in the face with the ball at the sound of her voice. "Careful, you don't want to break anything important." She laughed.

Jessie sat up and looked at her laughing.

"How can you laugh? You have to go out with Coach Davis?" he asked when she came into his room.

Taking the ball and putting it on the dresser, she went back and sat on the edge of his bed.

"Jess all you had to do was tell me the truth." She moved a lock of his hair out of his eyes and smiled. He had his dad's eyes and his mother's complexion. "You might be surprised I might have helped you out."

"Really?" Jessie asked sitting up "I was afraid you might not go out with him." He searched her face looking for an answer.

"NO but if you told me what was going on we could have sat down and figured a way out of this mess." She smiled; she really loved these kids and finally felt like they were jelling as a fragmented family.

"Daddy and Uncle Mookie will come up with a plan. They're really good at this." Jessie said smiling up at Alex.

"Get some sleep we have a big plans for tomorrow. You and Jake have chores for the morning. You were planning on cooking breakfast for your dad since he's going to miss Father's Day."

She helped him get under the covers and tucked him in. "Steph's is getting the juice and coffee and Meo and I are getting the flowers for the tray." Kissing him on his forehead she went to the door and turned off the light and left the room.

Leaning her head on the door she sighed. One day down a week to go. It felt really strange having Jon home. It was easy when it was just the kids. Now it was real. Going and checking on Jake she smiled to see him already asleep. He was the good kid, next to Meo. She was almost to her room when she heard them coming up the stairs. She turned and laid her finger on her lips to tell them to be quiet. She mouthed goodnight and headed into her room, shutting the door quietly.

Jon looked at Richie "Guess that means you're in the guest house unless you want to bunk with me?" Jon asked as they walked into the master suite.

Richie thought about walking across the lawn and thought about the room he usually stayed in when he was there. Turning he looked at Jon then back at the closed door.

"You don't snore do you?" He asked with a chuckle as he closed he door. "I could casually go into Miss Alex's room by mistake....seeing as how it was my room before she came." Ducking when Jon tossed his overnight bag at him, putting it on the floor he sat on the end of the bed. "It was just a thought." he smiled. "Did you see how Romeo had taken up with Alex? The way she plays with the back of his hair and strokes his back reminds me of how much I miss that kind of touching from a woman."

"Yeah I got the same feeling." Jon looked around the room he had shared his inner most feeling with the woman he thought he would grow old with.

Richie could tell the mood was shifting. they were both single men now. Once it came out the women would be all over them.

"How should I know, I'm asleep." He looked round the room; they had moved stuff around so that he didn't miss Dorothea's stuff. "Just stay on your side of the bed and no one will get hurt." he sat in the arm chair by the window; this is harder than I thought he said to himself.

Richie thought for a minute then turned to Jon.

"You just do man, you remember that you have someone waiting for you to be both parents." He looked down at the shirt in his hands thinking about when he came home the first time and Heather was gone. "It does get easier." he said finally "and you get on with your life." getting up and going over and putting his hand on Jon's shoulder giving it a pat he turned to the bathroom door. As he went in he heard Jon say thanks.

Getting undressed and pulling on sweatpants he laughed when Richie came out with the same sweatpants on. "Man we are like too old married farts." Richie wearing Soul sweatpants they started to get into bed.

Jon looked over at the clock. It was ten PM. throwing back the covers he headed to the door. "I got an idea get up we need to make some calls...I'm calling in a few favors! Get your ass out of bed Dean...I got a bottle of Pinot that is chilled we can get this worked out tonight!"

They headed back to the family room.


Chapter 17

"You can laugh at all this?" He sat back on his heels. Pretty, smart and smells good too. Not the type of woman that usually turned him on. But there was something different about Alexis Jones that made it all seem right. "How did you get that they set you up?"

Jon turned to see Richie and Jessie walk back into the room.

"How did she know what?" Richie asked giving Jessie a shove into the room.

"She knows?" Jessie asked looking from Stephanie to Alex to his dad.

Alex got up and walked back to the sofa, Romeo climbed back into her lap.

"It was easy really." She waited till they were all seated again.

Playing with the curls that lay on Romeo's collar she smiled.

"I put two and two together and f came up with a sleezeball."

Romeo's eyes were drifting closed as she rubbed his back. Jon and Richie squirmed a little in their seats.

"Don't get me wrong what they did was not right. Matthew is a great coach. But he hits on anything female with a pulse and you get the idea." Alex told the,. Romeo cuddled to her chest and snuggled down in her arms. "Ever since I started taking the boys to practice, he has gone out of his way to ask me out."

She watched them faces of those around her as her words sunk in.

"It was just a matter of the hints Jessie gave me and the look in Stephanie's face when I went back to check on them, it hit me." She felt Romeo sigh against her chest and smiled.

"But you went on and called him?" Richie asked stunned that she would go through with the date, after the way she felt about the man.

"Well it is one game and I don't think Jessie will try this again." She looked over at Jessie who by now was counting his lucky stars that he might just get by with this. "But, If he ever does it again, Jessie James Louie Bon Jovi will be grounded for a month!" She gave him a squinted eye look that meant business. "And for using your sister sister like that, you will be doing her chores for two weeks." Jessie swallowed hard.

"You know you could call and cancel the date, seeing as how you were roped into going." Jon finally got two words in edge wise.

"No, I'll go. I gave my word." She looked down at Romeo, he was sound asleep. "Let me get him down. Guys it is bed time." She told Jessie and Stephanie. "Say good night to your dad and Uncle Mookie." She cradled Romeo and headed for the door.

"night Daddy," she kissed her dad on the cheek and then went over to Richie, "Night Uncle Mookie." She gave him a kiss too. "You and daddy think of someway to help Miss Alex, won't you?" She turned and followed Alex from the room.

Jessie went over to Richie "Thanks Uncle Mookie I know you and dad will figure something out." He turned to his father. "Night Dad" he turned and was heading to the door when Jon stopped him.

"We'll talk more about this tomorrow Jess. It isn't over yet." Jon noticed how Jessie dropped his head that he gave him a lot to think about. he watched his son leave the room he turned to Richie who was shaking his head.


"Man I'm so glad Ava is still an only child!" He laughed "So Frank, got any ideas how to save your Alexis?"

Jon liked the way that sounded, his Alexis, had a good ring to it. Getting up he went to the wet bar and fixed a drink.

"Well you did say you were going to the game right?" he tuned and nodded toward the bar. Richie nodded and waited until Jon fixed him one too. "Let's work on it. We have three days?"

Richie took a deep drink of the cold liquor, much better than tap water. He felt safe drinking, seeing as how they wouldn't be leaving the house.

"Yeah, three days." He watched Jon, you could almost see the wheels turning in his mind.

Jon tapped his finger on the glass, and then he stopped tapping. Richie knew he had an idea.

"You got something?" Richie smiled.

"Yeah I think I do. I'll make some calls later and it just might work." Jon raised the glass in a salute. Richie raise his to salute the idea.

"Wanted?" Richie asked with a smile.

"What?" Jon asked not sure what Richie was talking about.

"You were tapping out the beat for Wanted on the glass. I've see you do it before." Richie began to tap his glass.

Jon Smiled

"It helps me think." Jon said as he drained his glass.

Chapter 16

Jon took that moment to come in to see what was going on.

"You lost Dean?" noting the glass of water in his hand. "Sambora and water? I never thought I would see the day Dean!"

He tried to make light of the fact that not only was his best bro was looking upset, but his best girl was looking worse.

"Hey why all the long faces? You want Mookie instead of your old dad to take you Saturday?" He watched them walk past him, sort of like dead man walking.

"Frank you take her, I think I might take in the Mets game." Richie said as he walked past Jon who looked more puzzled than before.

Richie and the Mets, are they playing the Dodgers? he thought it was strange that he would all of a sudden decide to go to a baseball game. Richie didn't even like baseball.

"Well, I have a date for Saturday." Alex said walking back into the family room.

Once again thinking to herself its just one game, its just one game. She sat on the sofa next to Jessie, Meo claimed up in her lap.

"Oh yeah Jessie, Matthew said to tell you that there is a roster change and you are back on second base. Mark wants to go back in the outfield."

With that announcement Stephanie broke down in tears and Jessie left the room slamming the door behind him.

"What did I say?" Alex looked dumbfounded. Jon went to his daughter and Richie went out after Jessie. Alex looked down at Meo and asked, "Do you know what is going on Meo?"

Romeo looked up at Alex and shrugged his little shoulders. "Meo not like Maffue...Youckie!" She scrunched his face. Alex ruffled his hair and whispered in his ear. "Me neither Meo, Me neither."

Richie caught up with Jessie as he headed up the stairs.

"Whoa there buddy. You and I need to have a little one on one." he followed Jessie up to his room and grabbed he door before he could slam it shut.

Richie waited for Jessie to talk. Jessie felt like he had been kicked in the gut. He had used Miss Alex, used her, just to get second base back. Miss Alex would do just about anything for them and he ruined everything.

"She is going to hate me isn't she?" he finally asked looking up at Richie. Doubt shadowed his face.

"Not sure Jess, but I think you need to go and talk to her." Richie walked around the very neat and tidy room. Takes after his mother, not a thing out of place, he thought not a thing like his dad.

"No way Uncle Mookie, then she will hate me for sure!" he grabbed the ball and glove off his pillow, pulling it on he began to slam the ball into the mitt. "I should have just played outfield and let it go at that."

Richie reached in and grabbed the ball. Damn that hurt he thought the flicked his hand to stop the stinging. "She might understand, I just can't understand why you used Stephie to do your dirty work?" He sat on the bed next to him, putting the ball back into his mitt.

Jessie laughed a little at that.

"Not so sure I am proud of that myself." Kicking off his shoes he turned and sat cross legged on the bed facing Richie. "She and Steph hadn't gotten along, well not at the first."

"What do you mean Jessie?" Richie was now interested in what had happened since Dorothea had left.

Jessie preceded to tell Richie about how mean Steph had been to Miss Alex, not letting her get close. Then after Stephanie's little trip looking for their mom, things had been different.

"They got really close Uncle Mookie." he looked down into his mitt. "I knew if Stephie asked her, Miss Alex would go." He slumped down and tossing the glove on the floor he buried his head into his hands "I used my sister and my sitter. Kill me now Uncle Mookie, before they do."

Richie shook his head. "Can't do that Jess, I think I am third behind the girls!" He chuckled. "come on lets go down and face the music. I promise it will only hurt once, well maybe twice, knowing Stephie, Miss Alex on the other hand...." he cooked his head to one side, "She might just let you slid on this."

Jessie looked up, fresh hope in his eyes. "You think so Uncle Mookie?"

"You'll just have to wait and see kiddo. We'll think of something to make it right. Won't we?" they headed back down to the family room.


Mean while back in the family room, Jon knelt down in front of Stephanie.

"Honey whats wrong?" He hated it when they cried. Somewhere in the back of his mind he always thought it was his fault, even when it wasn't. Crying always gave him a major guilt trip.

Stephanie was crying so hard that all he and Alex could make out something that sounded like Kill my brother. Jon looked at Alex, puzzled at what to do next. Dorothea had handled all the problems and he just made the money and paid the bills.

Alex sat Meo on the sofa and went over to Stephanie, dropping down beside Jon, she lifted Stephanie head and wiped a tear away.

"Stephanie, did someone die?" she asked and Stephanie shook her head. "Is someone sick?" Stephanie shook her head again. "Did you and Jessie fix me up with Coach Davis just so Jessie could play second base on Friday?" Jon looked dumbfounded when Stephanie nodded her head.

"You got all that out of what she just said?" he asked stunned at how in such a short time, she had become more a parent than he was.

Turning to look over at Jon, it just dawned on her how close he was to her. She could actually see the little flecks of gold in his eyes. Get a grip girl, he is your boss, she chided herself.

"Doesn't take rocket science to smell a set up." She chuckled.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Chapter 15

"Miss Alex, why not let daddy or Uncle Mookie take me Saturday?" Stephanie rolled her eyes at her brother and tried not to choke while she talked to Miss Alex.

"Then you can go to the game with Coach Davie." She linked arms with Alex and they walked into the family room with Jessie trailing behind them. You really haven't had a day off since you started with us." She hated using such a guilt trip on her father but he would be leaving them again soon and she hated these little drop in weeks.

She knew her dad tried to get there when he could. But when they were on tour those days were few and far between. It was hard on her when he came in for a few days then he would be gone. It as easier when their mom was here. Now that she was gone it just hurt more.

Jon looked up as they all walked into the room. She hasn't had a day off? He thought She deserves a day off. "Alex, I can take Stephie and you can go to the game." He smiled, he was doing a good thing for the woman who gave up a lot to help him.

Alex knew when she had been out smarted. Just the thoughts of going out with Matthew Davis sent chills running down her spine, but she had lost her last out. She had no other reason not to go now.

"Okay, I guess I can go to the game." She tried not to shudder.

Jessie tried not to look as excited on the outside as he did on the inside.

"I'll go call Coach and let him know." Alex said as she went out of the room. It's just one game, you can do it. She said to her self over and over as she went up to call Matthew. Remember it's just one game!

Stephanie turned to her brother, "You owe me big time."

She hit him on the shoulder as she passed him. Richie wasn't sure if he heard her right or not. But something just wasn't right. Now these were Jon's kids, not the 'Stephford' Kids who came out of the kitchen.

He took Stephanie by the elbow and walked back into the kitchen, "Steph, come help me find something to drink" He said as they walked out of the family room back into the kitchen. "Okay kiddo, what the he...heck just went on in there?" he asked as he pulled a glass out and ran water into it.

"What do you mean Uncle Mookie?" She tried to play dumb, when all along she was feeling sick on her stomach. "I just want Miss Alex to enjoy herself." She went over to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of soda. "She has been watching us 24/7 she needs some free time." Worse thing of all was lying to her Uncle Mookie. She started to walk back into the family room but Richie stopped her.

"Stephie, I wasn't born yesterday; Alex doesn't' want to go out with the dude." He sipped the water making a face and poured it back into the sink Who drinks this shit? he asked himself. "You practically pushed her into this date." He head her gasp. "You did push her didn't you? why? Is it something to do with Jessie?"

"You wouldn't understand Uncle Mookie, you just wouldn't understand." She said softly. The sick feeling in her stomach just got worse. She hated hurting Miss Alex, as they had gotten so close since her little trip into the city.