Sunday, February 12, 2017

chapter 11

Alex had the boys in the car and was pulling into the studio parking lot to pick up Stephanie when she noticed a black BMW parked near the building. The tinted windows kept her from seeing anyone inside. Jake nudged Jessie and pointed to the car. Jessie shook his head and motioned his brother to be quiet. Alex looked for a place to park. Checking her watched she sighed.

"Jessie, can you run in and get Steph?" Alex couldn't believe that there wasn't a place to park. damn! 

She had less than an hour to get the kids back, showered and ready for their father to get home for dinner. Damn Matthew for keeping her, she had turned down his advances each time she picked up the boys. This time the enticement was tickets to a Mets game. Why can't this man take no for an answer she thought. Hell she would have to risk a ticket and double park. What was taking him so long?

Jessie stood inside the door and motioned for his sister.

"Steph, Come on."

what he really wanted was a better look at the car parked beside the building. Could it be his mother's car? Finally as Stephanie broke away from some of her friends he approached her with his concerns.

"hey, do you remember what mom's tag was on her Beamer?" He asked as she got closer.

Stephanie looked confused at first until Jessie told hr about the black Beamer parked by the building.

"Yeah, dad got it for her, one of those vanity plates." She told him as started to walk past him. "Why?"

"Do you remember what it said?" he asked grabbing her arm to keep her close.

"It was something like I kick butt, but it was spelled funny like 'eyekikbut'." She reached for the doorknob behind him.

Jessie stopped her from opening the door.

"I think mom is parked by the building watching us." He told her. Stunned she just looked at him. Mixed emotions crossed her face. "I want a better look at the back of that car. Is there a back door to this place?"

Stephanie shook her head. Grabbing his arm she stopped him from going further into the room.

"I don't care Jess! She left us, why do you care?" She said as she pulled him toward the door. "Let's go! daddy should be home by the time we get there."

Jessie just looked at her. Wasn't this the same sister that took off by herself to New York City to ask their mother why she left

"Don't you want to know Steph? Isn't that why you went to the townhouse?" he stood there shaking his head. "Well I want to know!"

he turned and got almost to the back of the studio when Stephanie's soft voice stopped him. 

"What if it isn't her?" She could feel that cold feeling coming into her heart again. "What if you get your hopes up only to find out it isn't hear car, just one that looks like hers?"

She saw the confused look come over his face. Everything Miss Alex had said felt right.

"Like Miss Alex said, when she is ready, She will contact us. I have to believe that Jessie." She took his arm and walked him back up to the front. "Then we might be ready to hear her out."

They both stopped seeing Miss Alex and their brothers waiting at the front door. Quickly coming up with a reason for not coming to the car Stephanie covered for her brother.

"Sorry Miss Alex, Jessie had to use the bathroom." Jessie knocked her hand off his arm and under his breath murmured thanks.

Alex shook her head and followed the kids back out to the car. They were going to be cutting it close, but keeping her fingers crossed and her car a tiny bit over the speed limit , she should make it home in time. Alex didn't notice that the older Bon Jovi childern kept looking behind them, searching the traffic for the black BMW. But it wasn't there.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
they made it home, thankfully ticket less, she got the kids cleaned up. She had just gotten out of the shower when she heard the kids yelling that their dad was pulling up to the gate. Hell, her hair was still wet. She had no choice but to let it go. 

Dressing quickly she was dashing down the hall when she about collided with Hattie.

"Have you seen Meo's shoes?" Hattie asked.

Alex turned and headed back the way Hattie had just come. Dropping down on her knees she slipped under Romeo's bed.

That was where Jon found them all. Romeo was sitting on the bed, one shoe on one shoe off. Hattie was in the closet throwing shoes out the door., Stephanie was in the toy box, Jessie was looking behind the bookcase and Jake was looking under the dresser. Alex, with her ass hanging out from under the bed, felt Romeo start to bounce.

"Meo! Stop bouncing!" Your on my head Kiddo!" Came Alex's muffled voice from under the bed.

Jon laid his finger to his lips to keep Romeo from calling out his name.

Seeing the missing shoe on the bed, Jon went over and picked the boy and the shoe up. Putting it on his son he whispered into his son's ear. 

"Should we tell them we found it? Hummm?" 

Romeo Laughed.


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