Sunday, February 12, 2017

Chapter 10

Jon and the band were due to land at four in the afternoon and then go through customs they should be home around 7 PM.

Alex had to pick up Romeo at 2 PM and meet the kids as they got off the bus. She had to take the boys to baseball practice and then Stephanie to modeling class. If she was very lucky she would miss running into the boy's coach. Matthew Davis had been hitting on her since she had started with the bon Jovi's. Keeping her fingers crossed she should have time to charge before making the return trip at 6 PM. She used to think her mom was super woman handling all this plus making dinner for her and her father. Thank God for Hattie! She and Hattie had been airing out the master suite for Jon's homecoming. She dropped her keys in a bowl by the door and headed upstairs, passing Hattie in the hall.

"Mr. Jon called on his cell; they had to land in Boston." She followed Alex into her room. "Problems in Kennedy - the Pope flew in and Secret Service closed the airspace for several hours."

Alex threw open her closet door and looked for something to wear. 

"Does that mean they will be here sooner? I mean if they can go through customs in Boston, won't that be faster than Kennedy?" 

She pulled out a floral blouse off a hanger and thew it on over her tank top. walking over to her dresser she grabbed her brush and tired to make her hair look decent.

"He said they were stuck on the tarmac and would be here when they got released." Hattie laughed, "He wanted to be home for dinner. I told him we would hold it for him.

Alex checked her watch and laughed. You would think meeting Jon for the first time she would be more nervous. She would be, if she had time to worry about all that.

"I have to get the boys and then Steph, then we'll be home." 

She gave herself a spritz of her Code Blue bottle, fanning the air till it dissipated. She and Hattie headed back downstairs. Grabbing her keys from the bowl she turned to Hattie.

"All they've talked about after school was their dad coming home."

Hattie smiled, "Stephanie will be off restrictions too. That is all she talked about this morning."

Alex laughed. Stephanie had asked her for her cell phone in the car earlier and Alex had told her she had to wait until she saw her dad.

"Got to run or we won't be home when he gets here." She headed to her car and went for the kids.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Jon kept checking with the pilot to see when they would be cleared to take off. Richie came up and got Jon to sit down and relax.

"I want to be home for dinner." he groused.

looking out the window for the twentieth time Jon leaned his head on the window. Richie called the flight attendant over for more wine.

"The guy said the pope was heading for the airport and once he got into the air we could leave." Richie could see that Jon was not happy with the delay.

Jon started to get up and Richie chuckled. 

"Your going to get him to throw you off the plane If you keep bothering him."

He handed Jon a glass of Zin. 

Sipping his wine Jon got lost in his thoughts. Going home had a whole new meaning not that Dorothea was gone. It was still hard to believe his wife of over seventeen years had left him. Since receiving the divorce papers he had found out she had closed her Dojo and as his lawyer said vanished off the face of the earth. He figured she would close her Dojo, seeing as how it was one of the gift he had given her for an anniversary. 

If he believed her sisters, she was just not ready to face him or the kids. She was tired of all the "Rock Star LIfe" as she had called it. Wanting to have a husband that had a nine to five job, who would be there for her and she didn't have to share with ten hundred thousand other women.

Richie looked over at Jon, who had that far away lost look in his eyes. He had seen that look the closer they had gotten to the States. His friend seemed to be carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders lately. They had been through a lot and lately they had gotten closer, more like brothers than just friends. He had seen what Dorothea's leaving had done to him. It had torn him up, being so far away from his kids, not being there when they needed him the most. Hell being a rock star was not all that it was cracked up to be at times.

The flight attendant came down and tapped Richie on the shoulder. Looking up he smiled at her as she nodded her head at him. Richie smiled even wider. 

"Thanks darlin, you saved a life today."

Jon looked over at Richie, not sure he heard him right.

"We're going him Kidd!" Richie said as he patted Jon's arm good naturedly.

Jon downed his wine and handed the glass back to the attendant.

"About fucking time Rich, About fucking time." Jon laughed for the first times since they left England.

Flipping open the cell phone he still had clutched in his hand since his last call home, he punched the button for home.

"Mr. Jon that better be you telling me my roast isn't going to be dried out." Hattie laughed as she answered the phone.

"Hattie, We're heading for the runway now. Your pot roast has never been dry in all the years you've worked for me!" Jon chuckled.

Hattie laughed just hearing him laugh. 

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